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Zombie Portraits

A delicious Zombie Apocalypse tale that combines A.I.-assisted artworks with an epic story about longing for human connection. Guide

Using AI for 3D Design

A.I has been unleashed on the world and it's not slowing down. We believe in adapting to new technology. So here is an article we wrote about how to use this new tech to get reference image ideas for 3D print product ideas.

Free Study Guides

Quick Guides to 3D

Amber is a nerd and likes spreadsheets and study guides. As we learn more about 3D Design we're gathering epically awesome resources for everyone so the learning curve can be a little easier. Get the Free Study Guide for free today!


What's in the
Study Guide?

3D Character Design Guides

We believe that the resources for self-taught 3D artists should be way easier to find. As we learn new things we'll be adding helpful resources to our public study guides folder - free!

  • Basic Character Workflows

  • Sculpting Eyes

  • Sculpting Noses

  • Sculpting Lips

  • Sculpting Body Parts

  • Sculpting Character Clothing

  • Unvetted Links (Includes Retopology, Mouth Interior, UV & Texturing, Rigging, Lighting)

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